Who We Are

Our Team at Controlled Demolition

 Controlled Demolition was established in 2007 and is based in Mississauga Ontario. Since its founding, the Controlled Demolition organization has been focused on providing unique and specialty services across industries and sectors.

What We Do

Service Standards

Controlled Demolition is more than a company, it is an idea. An idea that there is a higher standard of performance to which we can aspire to achieve. Reaching those standards brings excellence.

Controlled Demolition’s specialty services are divided into 3 divisional branches: Demolition, Concrete Cutting & Coring, and Robotics.

Through the integration of these specialty divisions, we provide a unique package of service to clients with complex and demanding projects.

Our Mission

We specialize in servicing clients with technically challenging projects in sensitive environments. Our innovation and expertise make impossible jobs possible.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way in which demolition can be performed.

Our Core Values


Progress is only possible through innovation. To continually improve our methods and performance we innovate.


A higher standard of work ethic, performance, and achievement is what empowers us to bring forward excellence on a project.


The underlying principle in all projects is trust. With honest and clear communication we give our clients the sense of trust that is crucial to a successful project.

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Our goal has always been to work safely and efficiently while providing our clients the level of service that they deserve. Get in touch with us today for your demolition needs.