Hydro Demolition

A Step Towards The Future

Robotic Hydro Demolition is a highly specialized removals methodology involving a remote controlled tracked robot using high-pressure water to remove unwanted concrete, asphalt, and grout.

Controlled Removals

Robotic Hydro Demolition is a highly productive and efficient method of concrete removal. Using a robot to direct and apply the high pressure water to the removal surface, the motion of the high-pressure water jet is controlled, rapid, and precise. Poor concrete is removed, while sound concrete will remain.

No Impact, No Vibration, & Dust Free

By using high-pressure water for removals there is no impact, or vibration transfer to the surrounding structure and embedded rebar is not damaged. Dust is not generated. This unique method of removals also removes corrosion from the exposed reinforcing steel.

An Environmentally Sustainable Solution

At Controlled Demolition, we provide a complete Hydro Demolition solution which has a low environmental impact and is environmentally sustainable. Our Hydro Demolition Environmental Program (HDEP) involves a mobile water treatment unit on site to collect, treat, and recycle waste water generated during the Hydro Demolition process.

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