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Work place safety is something we take seriously at Controlled Demolition. Our means and methods address the hazards faced by our workforce everyday. Through careful examination of worksite conditions, we put in place controls to mitigate the hazards of demolition. We make demolition work safe.

More Than Demolition

We are an organization that gets involved from the early stages, helping clients uncover safety issues that range from stability of a structure to value engineering. We get involved long before work gets started on site. Through our Early Stages Development Program (ESDP) our clients are finally able to understand and navigate complex challenges associated with their project.

Confined Spaces

Confined spaces are some of the most hazardous and unique environments to work within and often present unseen challenges and conditions. Extreme temperatures, unstable structures, falling hazards, or toxic atmospheres are all possible in these work spaces. Our team is fully trained, certified, and fully equipped to work within a confined space environment.

In-Depth Consulting

Our Safety Team is ready to assist you with the development and implementation of legislative requirements related to pre-start health and safety reviews, health and safety program development, and high-risk task assessment and mitigation.

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