Robotic Demolition

The Future of Demolition is Here

Engineered to have a compact design and deliver high performance, a demolition robot provides a wide range of possibilities for all demolition applications and can access work environments that are inaccessible.

Free of Carbon Emissions

The Controlled Demolition fleet of demolition robots is 100% electric powered. Without the need to control emissions, working within areas and environments that must be free of carbon emissions is not an issue, providing an environmentally sustainable solution and lowering our carbon footprint.

A Safer Way to Work

The safety of workers in a demolition work area is a top priority. Thru the use of a wireless remote control, an operator has an unlimited range of vantage points to safely operate robotic demolition units while easily seeing other activity in the work area. Safety is significantly improved.

Engineered for Performance

Our demolition robots easily outperform diesel powered machinery of the same size and class and compete with diesel powered machinery serval times larger. For a high-performance solution to a demolition project, there is no equivalent to a demolition robot.

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