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Leading the way in specialty demolition service in the construction industry.

Controlled Demolition is a specialty demolition service contractor that focuses on projects that are technically challenging and in environmentally sensitive areas. Our area of expertise allows us to provide clients with our capacity to undertake time sensitive projects while addressing the needs for sequencing, engineering, craning and hoisting, and shoring of structural elements.

We have a culture of innovation… We are at the forefront of delivering new techniques and methods to minimize the overall cost of our activities and provide practical approaches to ensure safe, efficient and effective results. Controlled Demolition actively encourages and supports new initiatives that contribute to innovation, productivity improvements, staff development, safety, environmental and community best practices.


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Advances in technology and innovation within the demolition industry have progressed over the decades to ensure the high-risk sector can provide systems and methods to not only improve performance but also enhance health and safety and environmental approaches.



We recognise our statutory duty to comply with all Health and Safety legislation and continually strive to achieve the highest standards in all matters relating to the health, safety and welfare of our employees and anybody else who is affected by our activities.



At Controlled Demolition we firmly believe in the strength of community, and that is what leads us to become involved in our community’s events thru mentorship, sponsorship, and support programs. Our community has provided our team with a host of benefits and we intend to show our gratitude in return.

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