Project Feasibility
Many a time, a project presents difficulties within of itself. With an experienced team, our aim is to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed demolition project. We determine the resources required to complete the project and a project’s potential for completion. During this process we outline the presence of opportunities and threats in the project environment and assess the potential environmental impact. Ultimately, we aim to assist the client in judging the cost and value of the proposed project, in order to determine its chance of success.

Project Analysis
During the course of a demolition project, special attention must be paid to factors which will determine the project’s direction and progress. During a project we provide an in-depth look at elements governing project efficiency, quality and safety. In order to eliminate additional cost and time needed to reach completion, we actively help clients discover methods which are aimed at reducing existing costs and improve upon set completion times.

Budget Projecting
Without a diligent assessment of a project’s costs, prior to the project start, the potential for financial difficulty is evermore present. We work with clients to carefully detail potential costs, and opportunities for asset recovery. Steps are also taken to consider how potential changes or problems can affect a demolition project’s finances. Our goal is to provide our clients with a complete understanding of the expected financial result of a demolition project.

Waste Management & Auditing
Being environmental conscious is a habit of ours and we bring a responsibility to the environment, to all demolition projects. Our goal is to continuously reduce waste from a project and actively engage in the recycling of materials. Clients benefit from our diligence by gaining an understanding of a project’s material volume and by becoming active environmentally conscious participants in their communities.

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